An Exciting Year for Spine Surgery

An Exciting Year for Spine Surgery

With the close of the 2016 year, I want to thank you for your support. All of the work and effort to advance and promote the value of Inspired Spine’s truly minimally invasive fusion techniques, including our scientific publication, would not have been possible without your continued assistance.

Inspired Spine’s 4th paper is currently being published and I invite you to review it next month by searching “MIS-DLIF” at In 2016, we presented our results at several conferences across multiple continents and slowly but surely we are spreading the word about the monumental advantages of MIS spine surgery. More recently, Becker Spine published an expert panel discussion which concluded that MIS and lateral approaches are the spine market’s greatest innovations during the past 10 years. Inspired Spine’s OLLIF, MIS thoracic and direct lateral approaches are on the “cutting edge of this cutting edge” development. We are now literally able to perform an oblique or direct lateral interbody fusion in 35-45 minutes (“traditional” approaches require 2.5-4 hours) with a safety and minimal complication record that is second to none: For example, we have performed more than 500 OLLIF cases without a single clinically relevant infection.

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