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OLLIF the best viable Option with Obesity one year after surgery symptoms are gone

Anatomical decompression helps patient after OLLIF- Leg pain is gone !

Getting back to life after surgery

OLLIF scoliosis correction a few months after surgery this patient is regaining funtion

Excellent Recovery from OLLIF Surgery and the benefits of Conservative Therapy Protocol

Laminectomy made the Scoliosis worse OLLIF has now corrected her Scoliosis

Elderly patient & scoliosis surgery

Tolerate NO Harm – OLLIF enables surgeries that otherwise would have been unacceptably risky

“Short of a miracle!”: Patient’s testimony 4 months after life changing OLLIF surgery

OLLIF/Scoliosis- Day 1 Post-OP: Radiculopathy gone with Anatomical/Physiological Decompression

A 20 year history of pain. 3 weeks after OLLIF he is now pain free

Years of Vicodin this patient has found relief with OLLIF surgery

Osteoporosis, scoliosis, limited minimally invasive OLLIF still an Option: patient remains pain-free after years

Difference between OLLIF and open surgery in same patient and same surgery

In less than a month after OLLIF, the patient is independent of narcotics

OLLIF with true hard disk and stenosis-Is physiological decompression enough for stenosis?

Is a patient too young to have spine problem, or too old to have spine surgery like OLLIF?

2 Level OLLIF, patient progress immediately after surgery

Comparison of OLLIF outcome VS. patient’s previous traditional spinal fusions

Realist expectation after minimally invasive Sacro illiac fusion

Minimally Invasive SI Joint Fusion

Patient results 9 months after OLLIF surgery

OLLIF fusion-A sincere testimonial to help others learn from her experience

One Month After Her OLLIF Surgery

OLLIF: Optimum Results Are Not Always Immediate, He Has Faith, Watch to See Why

Yesterday, for the first time, in 6 years I was able to walk 40 yards without any instrument to support me. I turned to my daughter and said “this is miracle”. Sudden reflection and I realized that the real miracle was performed by the one that did the surgery. You are truly great surgeon and even a great man!.


- Anonymous

I want to take a moment to thank you for the time you spent with me and for the steroid ship you put in my upper neck. I slept really good for the first night and really no pain since. Now if we can get my lower back fixed. I have faith that you will help me with it. Then being 80 years old will be great. Will take time I’m sure. I thank God for doctors like you.

- Patient from Alexandria, MN

Dr. Abbasi- Minimally invasive Direct Lateral Thoracic Interbody Fusion MIS DTIF

Dr. Abbasi -Correction of scoliosis vs targeted decompression and fusion

Dr. Abbasi- Recovery after minimally invasive spine surgery in TBSI OLLIF surgery

Dr. Abbasi- Correction of deformity in minimally invasive technique

Patient Testimonial – big spinal surgery 1 year post operation

Pt Testimonial – operating on Elderly

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